Oregon City Winter Plein Air Adventure

January 7, 2018By BeccaPlein Air Adventures No Comments

This weekend turned out to be not-so-cold and I have been itching to get outside the house to paint. I decided to head south to Oregon City, Oregon and explore the old town at the end of the Oregon Trail. What a beautiful little spot! I found a nice overlook of Willamette Falls, and what is the old Blue Heron paper mill where I could try to tackle the cool industrial details of the old factory.

Fort Vancouver, Washington

October 16, 2017By BeccaPlein Air Adventures No Comments

Yesterday, it was a beautiful, fall, sunny day, and I felt it was important to get out and enjoy one of the last nice days of the season (I keep saying that, and then more sunny days keep appearing-but hey, I’ll take it!).

I ended up in Vancouver, Washington exploring the grounds of Fort Vancouver. The fort was established in 1824 fur trading post that was the headquarters of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Columbia Department. A full-scale replica of the fort, with internal buildings, has been constructed and is open to the public. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open when I arrived. So I ended up painting around the outer edge, where there was a lovely, small apple orchard.

I decided this lookout tower was pretty interesting and decided to give it a try. I worked for an hour or so. The sun was starting to set and it was getting cooler very quickly. I took the painting back home and finished it there over the next few days in the comfort of my studio.

It was a fun piece, and i tried out lots of different techniques over a few different areas.

I also realized that leaving frisket on over the course of a few days makes it nearly impossible to get off the page! Sigh. What to do when something like that happens? Make it look like you meant it to happen the whole time! The flowery pods in the grass to the right are where some frisket wouldn’t come off. I ended up adding some messiness and deconstruction to that area. Which in the end seemed to give that whole broad area of the grass more interest. When life gives you lemons….add more splatter!