Hello! My name is Becca Ward.
I am an artist that lives in Portland, Oregon. I primarily work in transparent watercolor. My subject matter ranges from figurative work to landscapes to urban environments. As a painter in the pacific northwest, I am constantly in awe of the beauty of my surrounding area. I try to get out and experience it in person by hiking and camping and general outings on a regular basis. This inspires me to take what I have seen and try to recreate the feeling I have on paper with watercolor.
My favorite time of day is the golden hour, when the sun is starting to set and everything has a warmer hue to it. I tend to like more dramatic light and how the warm and cool tones come into play.

My Bio
I have been creative my whole life, and always have been interested in drawing and painting. I didn’t start taking it a bit more seriously until I was in my 20s. At that time, I had just ended a serious relationship and needed some distraction. I started going to a studio to figure draw on a regular basis, and quickly found that I have a real passion for creating art. My focus at the time was specifically drawing the figure. I spent time studying proportion, structure and rendering in black and white.
After a couple of years, my focus shifted to getting outside more and drawing what was around me. I dabbled with a few different mediums when starting to play with color, but when I picked up watercolor, I fell in love.
I started a sketchbook addiction that has lasted many years, mainly filling them up with pen and ink and watercolors. Subjects include people, places, objects that I found interesting or different in some way. I also started going to the local urban sketchers group. As my love to get out and sketch on location evolved, I started spending more time exploring the landscape.
I get out and do some plein air painting when i can, but sometimes the weather or timing isn’t ideal, so I then take reference photos and return to my studio where I can work on a piece in a more controlled environment.
My focus seems to shift little by little every few years, so i look forward to sharing with you where i go in my art. Lets enjoy this journey together!

My Education
I am mostly self taught and have been dedicated to improving my work over the past ten years through practice, exploration and studying proven techniques.
I mainly study online through art sites that offer videos in art instruction. Some of my favorite instructors include Andrew Loomis, Charles Reid, Sterling Edwards, Dale Laitinen, and Nathan Fowkes.
I have taken 2 in-person workshops with Judy Betts, and Ron Stocke.